Andrea Nitsche

© Robert Syrovatka

I am Andrea Nitsche, currently living and working in Vienna, Austria.
In me you have a multifaceted, curious, perfectionist, caring and reliable teamplayer.
I am a nerd- I play D&D, love Star Trek, and ,The Big Bang Theory‘ sometimes seems like my life ( my hubbie is a physicist). My most beloved possessions are a Bat’leth with autographs from my first 2 Science Fiction conventions, my many nerd-shirts and my Doc Martens collection.
I have quite a few experiences with life in all it’s beauty and ugliness and my inner kid is more and more in contact with my old soul – that mixture guarantees a highly professional energetic actress with love and devotion for her job.

Agency/Agentur: Actors and Company

Nationalities/Nationalitäten: Austria / Österreich

Languages/Sprachen: Austrian, wienerisch, Ungarisch, Böhmisch

Location/Wohnort: Wien

Identifying as/Pronomen: she/her, sie/ihr

Playing age/Spielalter: 35-45

Height/Körpergröße: 178cm (5’8″)

Eye colour/Augenfarbe:brown / braun

Hair colour/Haarfarbe: brown / braun

Hair length/Haarlänge: mid-length, mittellang





 tall, slim, bossy, caring, speedy, androgynous, motherly, tough, quirky, nerdy, scatty, elegant, sporty
detective, mystic, sci-fi, lawyer, doctor, femme fatale, mother, male characters, prostitute, elf, disabled characters, business woman, amazon, priestess, therapist, CEO, educationist, trainer, (Viennese) white trash, mage ….and many mooooore