Anaïs Dahl

Svenja Funke
Svenja Funke

Anaïs Dahl is a German-French actress who trained at East 15 Acting School in London.
She works in the UK and in Germany and is also a professional singer.
She comes from an academic background and before becoming an actress, she studied Old Norse at Durham University, the original language of the Vikings.

Agency/Agentur: Paul Byram Associates (UK & International), Faye Agency (Germany), AAC (France)

Nationalities/Nationalitäten: German, deutsch / French, französisch

Languages/Sprachen: German, French, English (native speaker level), Spanish (B2), Old Norse/ deutsch, französisch, englisch (auf muttersprachlichem Niveau), spanisch (B2), altnordisch

Location/Wohnort: London/Berlin

Identifying as/Pronomen: she/her, sie/ihr

Playing age/Spielalter: 20-30

Height/Körpergröße: 170cm (5’7”)

Eye colour/Augenfarbe: blue-green / blau-grün

Hair colour/Haarfarbe: blonde,/blond

Hair length/Haarlänge: long/lang


Viking language


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