A community of actresses and actors of all ethnic backgrounds and love orientation. We do the work. Together.

Lisa Riesner

WE ARE ACTORS means comfort and community. In a branch where these values are mostly not being sustained, I felt like creating them. Helping each other out. Trusting, recommending each other. Leaving each other wiser and as a better human.

Anaïs Dahl

Acting is my favourite art form because it is a communal activity.
We bring a text to life by allowing ourselves to be affected by one another and surprise each other.
During the pandemic, I realise how much I miss meeting and working with fellow actors, and this community helps me preserve a feeling of togetherness! Thank you WE are Actors!

Melanie Reichert

“This supportive actors community is for me a wonderful way to co-create, support each other, and working together. I love this vision of a new way to collaborate and being as actors together.”

David Juarez

I think its great because it’ a close-knit community of motivated, PROFESSIONAL actors.

Angelina Delano

“I love the community aspect of this group! Being part of a network of professional actors, who all support each other and help each other grow,
feels great.”

Svenja Funke

“For me, acting is an ensemble sport. It only works with each other, not against each other. WE ARE ACTORS is a community that shares these values.”

Benjamin Krüger

“I love the idea to support each other, especially in a branch where usually everyone fights on its own. Each of us has so much to give that we all grow together. “

Erika Joy Mitschrich

It’s a support network for each other. It’s a difficult industry to ‘ succeed’ in and it’s great to have this network of encouragement and fellow actors saying, “you can do it! And here’s what you can do to get more paid work.”

Andrea Nitsche

“In my opinion this community stands for:
support-awesome colleagues- motivation- impulses-information-encouragement and respect & praise for the diverse and highly professional artists in this group.”

Daniela Reichert

“I love the community and idea of supporting each other. It creates a powerful connection, co-creation and living the vision together.”

Rouven Blessing

“I’m a big people and community type of guy. Working with other ambitious, driven, and talented artists, helping each other out, and supporting one another motivates me to work even harder on myself and reach for the stars. All of them!”.

Tonja Gold

“It feels great being part of a professional network of actors, who all support each other, but most of all, we all share our common love: theatre, television and film.”

Jeanne Jaeger

I love our community because we have got the attitude of partnership.

The founder

Lisa Riesner is the founder of WEAREACTORS and the host of the industry meetings.

About this community

Every month we share news about the industry.
Actual projects, opportunities, support, answers. Exclusively.
Join our industry meetings to give and take!
We are a supportive community. We share information with people who are a part of it.

We also have an exclusive Facebook Group where we share our information inbetween the meetings to keep each other up-to-date!

Meet our actors

International talent members present themselves here.

Industry meetings

Our next meetings will take place online via Zoom on Monday, 26th April 2021.

German industry meeting: 8 pm CET

International industry meeting: 9:15 pm CET

Our exclusive group is full for now, but feel free to apply for the waiting list!

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